The crypto universe meets the cinema universe

Special screenings that will be accessed
based on a ticket purchased in cryptocurrencies.

Follow Art Distribution launches in March a series of special screenings that will be accessed
based on a ticket purchased in cryptocurrencies.
“Crai Nou” / “Blue Moon”, the film that won the grand prize last year at the San Sebastian
International Film Festival and “Imaculat”, a film that won three awards at the Venice
International Film Festival 2021, are the two productions that open the “ARTCHAIN” series
of events.

Follow Art Distribution aims to speak the language of emotion in March. Of self-search.
Bring the women to the forefront. With their feelings. With commotion and desires.
After the success with the biographical documentary “McQueen” (director Ian Bonhôte,
Peter Ettedgui), “30 Years and 15 Minutes” (Stefan Mandachi) and “Military wiveS”, directed
by Peter Cattaneo, Oscar nominated for “The Full Monty ”, Follow Art Distribution brings in
March, in cinemas, two films,“ Crai Nou ”/“ Blue Moon ”and“ Immaculate ”, productions
centered on female characters who end up in exceptional situations, forced to find solutions
between more unusual, often painful to implement.
“Crai Nou”/”Blue Moon”, Alina Grigore’s feature film debut, hits theaters on March 4th.
The film follows the psychological journey of a young woman to her dehumanizing process.
While struggling to achieve higher education and escape the violence of her dysfunctional
family, lrina metamorphoses from victim into abuser as a result of subtle violent contexts.
An ambiguous sexual experience with an artist will spur her intention to fight the violence in
her family and her plan to escape to Bucharest.
From March 25, we invite you to see “Imaculat” directed by Monica Stan and George
Chiper-Lillemark. The film tells the story of Daria (Ana Dumitrașcu), who goes to detox to get
rid of drug addiction instilled by her first love. Her innocence saves her from the sexual
advances of most of the drug addicts in the center and brings her protection. Daria
discovers that the special treatment comes with a high price. The story is based on real
events, but it is not an autobiographical film. It’s a survival story to a point.

Then it becomes a story of liberation.