Who we are

A film is an inviting new world that gives you the possibility to immerse in a number of alternative universes. A world which wraps life in visual art forms and a pinch of humor, joy, subtlety, creating emotion, butterflies in the stomach or knots in the throat. 
We are passionate connoisseurs of this world and we love sharing it with those who want to offer us approximately two hours of their time. Quality and relevance are our main priority in choosing a new film. Award-winning or the latest must-see, we are sure to be where the next thing will happen. 
We see this ever changing world and we always follow the latest trends to be sure to bring audiences the novelty they require. Innovation is part of our job description and we strive to offer curated quality programming with personalized unique events and happenings for a special night out.



Management of the distribution strategy

Understanding historical performance per theater, based on previously released comparable films is paramount to evaluating potential and planning your theatrical release.

PR and social media

Develop a local, regional and national PR strategy, we offer full service public relations services specialized in promoting film productions. We develop publicity strategy tailored to each project.

Special events

Carefully curated events, thematic evenings or cocktail parties involving movie screenings with red carpet and stars.

Theatrical release

Booking your film into theaters is going to require a team who knows who to call and how to pitch your film. Our team ensuring your title has the absolute best representation possible at game time.