30 Years and 15 Minutes

30 Years and 15 Minutes

30 Years and 15 Minutes, a film
by Stefan Mandachi

Thirty years after the fall of the communist regime, Romania is on the last place in Europe in terms of highway kilometers, but on the first place in the number of deaths in road accidents. Entrepreneur Stefan Mandachi builds 1 meter of highway on his private property, to attract the attention of the authorities who, despite many promises, have failed in all these years to build a highway in the region of Moldova. Stefan Mandachi calls to action the Romanians from all over the country and from the diaspora to a 15 minutes strike as a protest.

30 / 15
in Romania

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INITIAL RELEASE: 8 August 2020 (Romania)

DIRECTOR: Stefan Mandachi

Country : Romania


Language: Romanian
  • Stefan Mandachi
  • Bianca Alexandra Spînu
  • Rares Bogdan
  • Moise Guran
  • Lucian Mandruta
  • Radu Moraru
  • Adrian Nastase
  • Dan Barna